Openwork and Stripes Pillow Cover

Fingering - Baby Weight Yarn
Size F crochet hook
Premade pillow


To begin: Chain in multiples of eleven to desired length (or width), plus chain three more.

Row One: Double crochet in third chain from hook. One double crochet in each of next two chain spaces. Skip next two chains and work three double crochet in next. Chain three, skip next five chain spaces. * One double crochet in each of next three, skip two, three double crochet in next, chain three, skip next five chains, repeat from * across, ending by working one double crochet after last skip five. Chain three And turn.

Row Two: Work three double crochet under first loop of chain three of previous row. Three double crochet in next chain space, chain three, three more double crochet in same place. * Chain three, three double crochet in next loop of chain three space, three double crochet in next chain space, chain three, three double crochet in same space as last. Repeat from * across, ending by chaining three and working one treble crochet in the previous turning chain.

Row Three to Desired Length/Width: Repeat row two. Tie off and weave in ends.


Step One: Sew the side seam, keeping the stitches even, where an open space should line up with a cluster one the other side.

Step Two: Next, sew the bottom seem closed; leaving the top, or the ripple side open.

Step Three: Pull the cover over top of your pillow. Even out the ripples, so that every arch lines up with an arch on the other side accept for the two at each end. Use a loose piece of yarn to tie each of these together. At the ends; you may attach this one to the first two arches at each end at the time when you sew those to create a corner, or you may leave them open.

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