Mini Rosettes

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This was made by making a long chain from the loop pulled up at the stitch where I wanted it placed (i.e. pull up a loop from next, chain # indicated) and slip stitching all the way back to my loop as shown Here in this Hubpages post. For a more detailed view follow the steps below:

Step One: Complete your 'regular' stitch up to the point that you want to 
place the rosette (note that it will be turned sideways when completed)

Step Two: Chain the number indicated 
(10 for small, 15 for medium, or 25 for a large one)

Complete the rosette following the steps Found Here

Pull up a few more regular stitches

Insert hook through the bottom / side of the rosette 
(as far to the bottom as possible) and through the next stitch

Yarn over and pull through all three loops, then continue as normal


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