Beaded Book Mark

Scrap [less than one once] Simply Soft, Worsted Weight Yarn
Size 00 Steel Crochet Hook
Two colors sewing thread
Tapestry needle / Sewing needle
About 50 small fashion glass beads [in various shades of brown]
4-8 medium or 2 large [mother of pearl] beads

Crochet Beads: [Make Two]

Step One: Ch 3 (counts as first), half-double crochet in third chain from hook, half double crochet in same chain space thirteen more times. [15] Tie off.

Step Two: Repeat Step One; so that you now have two separate halves.

Step Three: Sew the tops of the two halves together and stuff lightly.

Step Four: Holding two colors of sewing thread together, and using your tapestry needle (or needle that fits easily through small beads) sew half of your small beads to the crocheted ball sporadically.


Step One: Start by gathering your yarn and two colors of thread together and holding them flush. Leaving a long tail at the beginning, chain 70 tightly [or to length desired] plus 25. Tie off, leaving a long tail.

Step Two: Attach one of the crocheted beads onto the top of the body by threading the beginning tail of the body completely through the crocheted ball; into the small circle created at the beginning of one 'half' and out the opposite small circle of the other 'half.' To secure the placement of the ball Slip stitch around any post of the half-double crochet stitches. Tie off and weave in ends.

Step Three: Following the same guidelines as in Step Two, thread the second ball onto the bottom of the body, pulling the ball up past 23 stitches. Secure the ball by sewing your medium sized beads at both the top and bottom. Or, if you use large beads, thread one on before the crochet ball and the second after.

Step Four: Insert hook into last chain and, using your tail, slip stitch into 10th chain from hook. Tie off.

Step Five: Cut 10 five inch strands of yarn and 7 each five inch strands of both colored threads. Bring them all together and fold in half. Insert your hook through the loop made at the end of the body and the loop made by the folded strands. Pull the strands through the body about half way, creating another loop. Gather all the ends of the strands and pull them through this loop and pull tight. Trim to even out ends.

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